The Story:

Once upon a time, there were four siblings:  Steve, Dave , Kathy and Mary Beth .  Steve was the most musical.  Dave was the best strategist. Kathy was the biggest risk taker.  Mary Beth was the best knitter.   So naturally, since their talents did not intersect, they decided to use them separately on a single endeavor.  But what should it be?   Although they were 1000 miles apart each was still interested in saving the environment, feeding creativity and making something of use to others.  They had something in common.  While they were thinking about what to do with that knowledge,  they embarked on a journey to build a better mousetrap – or at least to up-cycle the wood and turn it into a quaint decoration.

Born of the resources of four very different people, Hoonah Furniture is a tribute to the wide open possibilities of what you can make of yourself, some old wood and a dream.

The Name:

Hoonah is a lovely town in Alaska, visited by Dave a long, long time ago.  It was a time when ice was still ice, and no one heard of global warming.  It was beautiful and remote and a joy of a vacation.  From that visit a long time ago, we pay tribute to how things once were, how they are changing, and the hope of change for the better.

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